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2023 Assessment Increase

The Chandler Creek HOA Board wants all residents to be aware of the 2023 assessment amount of $310.00, which represents an increase of $10.00.

Considering rising costs, the Board felt it was necessary to implement this slight increase. We all have experienced rising costs over the past 33 months and the HOA has also not been immune.

The Board has always been mindful of the annual assessment amount and has worked hard to keep assessments steady over the years.

In 2005, assessments were $242.00. The current rate of $310.00 only represents a total increase of $68 over 17 years.

We also want to say “THANK YOU” to each of our residents who pay their assessments in full every year. Collections for 2022 were the best we have seen in recent years, approaching 98%!!

***Being mindful of the new assessment rate of $310.00, if you have a recurring payment set up with your financial institution, please make sure to update the amount.***

If there are any questions, please use the Contact Us feature.

Thank you,

The HOA Directors


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