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February Landscape Tips

Get Prepped for Spring!

by Kim Goyette, Austin ECOSystems

Is it winter or spring? Central Texas sure has had some wacky weather this season. Cold and in the teens one day, beautiful and 70’s the next. No matter what the weather, if you can’t wait to get back to work on your yard, there are plenty of things you can do to prep your landscaping.


  • This is a great time of the year for pruning of Oak trees to help prevent possible spread of Oak Wilt. Remove deadwood, crossing branches, and raise canopies as needed. Use pruning paint on all cuts to seal the wounds. Do your best to complete all tree pruning by the end of the month before trees come out of dormancy.

Ornamental Beds

  • Cut back perennials to about 2”- 4” above the ground after the second hard freeze of the year. Removing dead wood from some perennials before the last freeze may remove the last line of defense the plant has from lasting frost damage. Cut back ornamental grasses to 10” – 12” above ground. Trim back roses right after Valentine's Day.

  • Fertilize ornamental beds with balanced slow release fertilizer. Deadhead winter annuals such as Snapdragons, Pansies, Dianthus, and Cyclamen. Continue to fertilize your flowers to maintain blooms but remember the freezes can set them back.

  • Treat or hand pull broadleaf weeds such as Dandelion and Clover. Pre-emergent herbicides can be applied in February to help minimize spring weeds. Begin cleaning up leaves and debris in shrub beds in preparation for your pre-emergent herbicide applications. Remember to keep your mulch depth at about 1” - 2” to help protect the roots and make the best use of water.


  • Although we just got some much needed rain, remember to continue to water as necessary since the root systems of your grass are still growing even in the winter months. This is a good month to do your pre-emergent and fertilize your grass. Remember to keep the leaves cleaned up and not allow them to lay on the grass and cause it to die.


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