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Update: Bulk Trash Service

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Dear Chandler Creek Residents,

We were contacted late yesterday by the City of Round Rock's Director of Utilities and Environmental Services with an update on brush/tree limb recycling for Chandler Creek residents. Because Chandler Creek is not in the city limits of Round Rock and because Chandler Creek residents do not pay city taxes, Chandler Creek will not be eligible for bulk pick up of brush/tree limbs that will be coordinated between the City and Round Rock Refuse. That service will be provided only to "in city" residents as the City will be funding that with property taxes from the City's general fund. However, Chandler Creek residents can take brush/tree limbs to either of the City's brush recycling centers.

Per the Forestry Manager, the Deepwood Drive location will not accept brush/tree limbs. However, the wastewater site at 3939 E. Palm Valley Blvd will accept brush/tree limbs from Chandler Creek residents. YOU MUST SHOW YOUR CURRENT WATER BILL.

We have been told this is a free service to Chandler Creek residents but you must show a current copy of your City of Round Rock water/trash bill. We were informed that the brush recycling centers will be open 9am to 6pm, 7 days a week for the next few weeks (subject to change).

If you do go to the Deepwood Drive location, they should redirect to you the wastewater location, per the Forestry Manager.

We would also encourage you to reach out to Williamson County to see what options the County may be providing regarding assistance with brush/tree limbs. You may also request a bulk pick up by contacting Round Rock Refuse directly (fees apply). Any questions for the HOA can be submitted HERE. Thank you,

The HOA Board


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