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Halloween Decorating Contest Results!

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Chandler Creek HOA would like to thank all the residents who participated in our Halloween Decorating Contest. After reviewing all of the incredible submissions, the board has selected our winners. We look forward to seeing the upcoming Christmas Decorations!!

1st Place - 1907 Lantana Dr. (The Lloyd Household)

2nd Place - 1900 Balsam Way (The Williams Household)

3rd Place - 107 Newport Landing Place (The Girouard Household)

1619 Balsam Way (The Pickett Household)

2201 Boneset Trail (The Page Household)

210 Pheasant Ridge (The Sanderson Household)

1800 White Indigo Trail (The Turner Household)

1112 Thorn Creek Place (The Espinoza Household)

207 Desert Highlands Trail (The Ross Household)

1006 Pheasant Ridge Cove (The Whiteside Household)


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