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Update: Winter Storm and Fallen Trees

Dear Chandler Creek Residents:

First, we hope that this message finds all Chandler Creek residents safe and well as we come out of this ice storm. We know there is quite substantial damage to trees through the neighborhood. We want to remind homeowners the HOA only has responsibility for trees on HOA-owned property: the park/pool area and landscape easements.

We have received some inquiries/requests from homeowners asking the HOA to take care of the trees on their personal property. As a reminder, trees on homeowner property are the responsibility of the individual homeowner. Also, if you have sustained damage to your property from a neighboring property, that is a civil matter between you and your neighbor and is not an HOA-related matter.

As the clean up begins, we encourage everyone to be safe. We also know that cleanup will take a bit of time. We advise you to dispose of any downed limbs/trees in a proper manner and to check with Round Rock Refuse (512-255-4980) before placing any limbs, etc. on the curb for trash pickup. Do not place any limbs, etc. onto HOA-maintained areas. If this occurs, they may be placed back on your property and/or you may bear the cost of removal being assessed to your HOA account. The HOA is also unable to recommend any tree service vendors (or any other vendors for that matter) for liability reasons.

We know there are downed limbs/trees in the HOA/MUD park and we ask that if you go to the park to use extreme caution while the HOA and the MUD attend to the clean up of their respective areas of the park.

If there are any questions, please use the Contact Us page on the HOA's website.

Thank you...and stay safe!

The HOA Board


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